Research Team Lead

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Research Team Lead

Job description

Bisnow is the commercial real estate industry’s leading B2B platform across North America, Canada, the UK and Ireland. Like any other industry, executives within CRE need to be informed and connected to do their jobs well. And in CRE, doing your job well means doing smarter deals and more of them.

Our mission is to inform, connect and advance the commercial real estate community to do more business. From events and news to branded content and jobs, our singular voice, attitude and perspective reach 18 million all-digital readers, thousands of job seekers and more than 100,000 industry insiders who attend our 300+ Bisnow events each year. Operating in more than 50 cities across North America and Europe, we tend to think globally, but strive to connect people hyper-locally.

We are looking for an intelligent, creative problem solver who can understand and articulate complex data problems, a leader who takes pride and ownership in developing team members, an organizer who applies processes to continually validate and improve the data quality. This individual will gain a comprehensive understanding of the data, its structure and its application to the CRE industry.

At Bisnow, we believe the interview process is a two-way street. We ask that you interview us during this process as much as we plan to interview you. At Bisnow, we expect people to believe in our mission, our vision and our values. We don’t simply put these words on a wall. We hire, we fire, we promote, we demote, we bonus or don’t bonus, based on our mission, vision and values. So please, take them as seriously as we promise to take your application. Thank you.


  • Organizes and directs the work.
  • Oversee the research team.
  • Manage sourcing and training of the team.
  • Ensure team’s productivity and attention to quality.
  • Establish process to optimize workflow.
  • Take on full ownership of the data quality.
  • Drive ongoing process solutions for adding and validating data.
  • Work with other departments to develop new solutions, tools and data products.
  • Gather and document business requirements and translate them into data operations and process.
  • Clearly convey status and timelines.
  • Participate in the product development of data tools for the research team.
  • Manage team priorities and workflow.
  • Facilitate testing feedback loop with internal experts.
  • Create data quality acceptance criteria.
  • Diagnose issues in data quality, gaps in coverage, and errors in logic.
  • Establish ongoing process and methods to improve data acquisition and aggregation.
  • Question established ways of doing things and innovate new solutions.


  • Experience with data operations or data product development.
  • Data product management experience in a B2B SaaS environment preferred.
  • Team leadership and project management experience.
  • Experience building and leading teams and developing junior team members.
  • Strong analysis and troubleshooting skills.
  • Ability to make sense of large data sets and identify meaningful patterns.
  • Strong, flexible communications skills and the ability to articulate the structure of the data, complex processes and solutions.
  • Ability to pivot operations quickly when requirements change.
  • Solid attention to detail.
  • Rapid learning ability.


We will list some of the benefits but part of our culture is to embody humility. So hopefully you like what you see and learn about the rest on your own and throughout the process.

  • We have a competitive compensation structure that rewards those who win, incredibly well
  • Vacation is important and we want you to take it. We’re also not into bureaucracy so tracking vacation sounds insane and that’s why we decided years ago, to offer unlimited vacation
  • Health, dental, vision, commuter, short term disability and 401k benefits are included for all our employees
  • You’ll get to work with incredibly smart, passionate, driven, ambitious, kind, caring and mindful people and will rarely experience an overload of policies, bureaucracy or toxicity (the latter, we do not tolerate. Period.)


We’re not perfect and don’t pretend to be. So here are the most common drawbacks voiced by people who did not find Bisnow to be a good fit.

  • “Lack of structure.” – We’ve gone from a handful of entrepreneurs to a company with 100 employees relatively quickly and our management team is mostly in their thirties which means we don’t have decades of experience. We’re figuring things out as we go, so if you’re someone who needs structure in place, we’re probably not the place for you but if you consider yourself an entrepreneur and want to help figure things out with a smart team of like-minded go-getters, this could be your dream career.
  • “Chaotic at times, Bisnow should put proper policies in place.” – Mario Andretti once said that if things seem under control, you’re probably not going fast enough. We don’t encourage chaos but we do see a healthy amount of it as a result of exciting growth and we’re also not big fans of bureaucracy and find the more policies we implement the more bureaucratic things become.
  • “Long hours, not a lot of time off, unlimited vacation means no vacation.” – We encourage taking long vacations and time off and we truly believe that those sorts of trips can lead to more productivity when people come back and feel more inspired by new ideas. We do work long hours and for some people, that’s not ideal. As entrepreneurs, we have to love what we do or else we wouldn’t be particularly good at it and when you love what you do, you don’t really separate work and play but rather integrate the two.


See above!